HTMLFilter module

Type: FilterMod


This module filters HTML streams and evaluate some additional HTML tags that are available for servers such as Roxen and NCSA-httpd.

The following table lists available tags.
<accessed>insert an access counter
<aconf>insert an anchor with configuration variables
<apre>insert an anchor with prestate variables
<clientname>insert the client name
<define>start a macro definition (see also insert)
<date>insert the current date and time
<if>start a conditional statement (see also otherwise and else)
<header>add an HTTP header (see also return)
<insert>insert statement (see also define)
<modified>insert the last modified date and time
<remotehost>insert the remote host
<remoteaddr>insert the remote IP address
<remove_cookie>remove a cookie
<return>set the HTTP return code (see also header)
<set_cookie>set a cookie
<#echo>SSI: insert a variable
<#exec>SSI: insert the output from an executed program
<#flastmod>SSI: insert the last modified date
<#fsize>SSI: insert the file size
<#include>SSI: include a file

These tags may require or optinally take some additional parameters. The usage of these tags and their examples are summarized in the following.



Filtering files with extensions .html and .htm up to size 8k. Using no SSI.

     (HTMLFilterModule fil1
        (Extension .html .htm)
        (Size 8000))

Filtering files with extension .shtml up to size 4k. Using SSI without its exec feature.

     (HTMLFilterModule fil2
        (Extension .shtml)
        (Size 4000)
        (SSI On Off))

version: 19970325