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1. Standard Web or Proxy Server

A standard web or proxy server can be configured to run using locally loaded modules or remotely loaded modules.

Standard Server
Standard web and cache server with local and remote module loading

2. Web Server and Cooperating Cache Servers

Several cache servers may be set up to dynamically mirror a web server. These servers can cooperate each other in caching pages. A specially configured name server may be used to direct requests to one of these servers.

Web and Cooperating Caches
Cooperating web and cache servers

3. Cache Servers at Everyone's Desktop

Cache servers can run on every computer that supports the Java Runtime machine. Some of them may be clustered together as siblings to cooperate in caching. They may further arranged into hierarchy for efficient LAN or intranet caching.

Caches Everywhere
Cache servers at every desktop

4. Use of Java MOWS Extension

JME programs can be executed just as CGI programs but without starting an external process. They can be used to implement various actions from simple form processing to stateful session handling. They may use distributed object tools such as HORB and RMI to run on distributed systems.

User of JME

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